Drip Bag



V60, Kalita, Clever Dripper…everybody has their own favourite coffee brewing method. But the result is always the same – drop by drop you have your favourite mug of black liquid happiness.

The Drip is the second design from the collection “Coffee Connects”. In this collection we try to connect two worlds we love – the world of the nature and design with the world of the specialty coffee and coffeshops.

This collection means something really special for us, therefore The Drip is strictly limited edition of only 36 bags.

Design by Jakub Kšiňan

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  • Limited edition of 36 pieces
  • 100% Organic fairtrade cotton
  • Shopping bag with long handles and water-based print
  • We respect nature that is why “Drip Bag” comes packed in custom packaging using only natural materials
  • Designed and printed with love nearby the beautiful forests of Slovakia


Our designs are printed exclusively on bags from the Danish company Neutral®. They are manufactured according to the highest social, ethical and environmental international standards and have following certificates:


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