Our Story

Hi there! Our names are Matej Mojžiš and Radoslav Bellan and we are the ones stand behind UTAIGA. But first things first, let us introduce ourselves…

Who we are?

Two friends from Slovakia who have always admired creative projects and wanted to create their own one day. Back in 2017 we decided to start Utaiga as a clothing brand that wanted to do things  a little bit different. We started to make t-shirts from eco-friendly materials with minimalistic designs mostly inspired by nature which we have always loved and respected. Big up to our friend Jakub who helped us on our beginings as a aurthor of our first designs and Utaiga graphic designer. The tees from his collections are still one of the most popular.

In 2018, we created the Coffee Connects range as the answer to our passion for world of specialty coffee. We had the opportunity to present this collection in several great summer and coffee festivals. In addition, we established the very first Utaiga micro showroom which found it’s place in our beloved coffee shop Street Cafe thanks to it’s owner and our friend Lucia.

As time goes by we wanted to move forward so we started to form the UTAIGA 2.0. We have always longed for a brand that would be original and creative, so we started to looking for more people to collaborate with to turn our vision into reality. As the say  – Seek and you shall find. Each of the talented illustrators  we work with has its own, unique style. We believe that because of this diversity everybody can find their „own“ piece of art in Utaiga that they will proudly wear on their chest, be unique and express their attitude towards life.

As we used to say: Why be ordinary, when you can be original. We promise you that we will do our best to Utaiga becomes the clothing company that will make you The Original.

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