Lucia Coková


Hi, my name is Lucia. However, my husband and most of my friends call me Lulu.

Where do I begin? I guess back to the time where it all started…

Fashion has been my hobby ever since high school and became even more interesting when I started working for a Swedish fashion company. For some people, it might have sounded just like another job, but becoming a Visual Manager was like a dream-come-true type of job for me – an amazing oportunity where I was responsible for opening new stores and showrooms all around the world. This job has provided me with a lot of experience, gave me a chance to visit/travel to many new countries but also pushed me to speed up in life overal and I remained at that fast pace for a long time.

Interestingly, I have managed to slow down a little when I was on maternity leave. Even though it was a very busy time and I spent most of it with my children or my husband Pali, I found some free moments to get back to my hobby and started sewing house accessories, painting and taking pictures.

What about my life today?

Well, I’m still the same Lulu – a creative soul that is constantly looking for ways to improve and implement her ideas. I tend to spend my free time behind a camera lens (I’m better behind the lens than in front of it) or sat somewhere by a table drawing personalised illustrations, logos, illustrating over photography – all of that always with a nice cup of specialty coffee by my side. I generally get inspired by cities, nature getaways, fashion (which accompanied me/has been there for me throughout my whole life) however, coffee is one of my big inspirations too. Because life is just better with a cup of coffee, isn’t it?


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