Jakub Kšiňan


Since my early childhood I have been led towards the mother nature by my parents. My father used to take me for hikes in the forest and initiated me to its secrets. This lasted until I first encountered a bear when I was seven. This experience had so strong impact on me that I barely came close to any forest border for another four or five years.

Later, influenced by friends and family I found out that I had been missing something. From this point the process of coming back to my roots  began! I started exploring unknown places in the neighbourhood and soon I discovered that it was pretty awesome. Massive inspirations that flow from every single object around.

Then early ideas started to appear in my head. I have tried various techniques – photography, pyrography, pen-drawing, vector computer graphics …

Nowadays I’m mainly working on the UX and UI design with focus on nature and urban culture.

Still exploring …


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